The first and most important thing to do is go to the link on the right and read Dr. Simeon’s free book Pounds & InchesDo not skip doing this! It is the bible for the HCG protocol.  You will be referring to this book often during the diet. Since this book was written many years ago it can be a little dry to get through however luckily it’s only sixty pages. 90% of the questions we get asked are already answered in the book.

People have experimented and found out certain variations from the strict protocol don’t seem to effect weight loss. However EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT what works for others may or may not work for you. When ever weight loss stalls go back to the strict protocol. If you experiment only try one thing at a time so if there is a problem you know what to eliminate first. Also remember temporary stalls are normal.

Ok so you’ve read Pounds & Inches and you are ready to get started. Simply click on the “Add To Cart” link to the right and order your Homeopathic HCG.  Please note  as long as you see the “Mediral In Stock Now” phrase in red in the second column on the right there is no wait time, otherwise  it could take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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2 Comments to “How Do I Get Started?”

  1. sunny says:

    Why is there such a delay? Is this the Mediral product you are selling?


  2. admin says:

    Yes the product is Mediral. The delay is because there has been such an overwhelming demand for it that Mediral is swamped with orders. The good news is the reason for the demand is because it works!

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