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26 Comments to “Contact Us”

  1. Sandy Sanders says:

    Could you please tell me the name of the hcg that you use? Also how does the hcg affect you if you are having hot flashes and pre-menapausal?

  2. admin says:

    Mediral is the brand name for the HHCG. Everyone is different however my wife reported it made menstruation easier. I can’t say for sure how it might effect you.

  3. Sandy Sanders says:

    Could you please tell me if vitamin B12 is also in the homeopathic hcg?

  4. admin says:

    ” Sandy Sanders says:
    July 31, 2009 at 10:48 am

    Could you please tell me if vitamin B12 is also in the homeopathic hcg?”

    No there is no B12 in it. There are no other additives in it at all.

  5. Holly says:

    helped my hot flashes alot.

  6. Holly says:

    i have been on it since the beginging of June and have lost 42lbs love it almost hate doing maintance. Love to see the results.

  7. Sandy Sanders says:


    The hcg drops instructions are to take 3 times daily does that mean to space them out evenly for instance take at 9:00am, 3:00pm and 9:00pm?

    Thank You and God Bless

  8. admin says:

    3 times every 4 hours. So if you started at 9am, then 1pm and 5pm and you’re fine till the next day, You can start when you like. 20 minute before you eat or after you’re finished eating.

  9. daffie says:

    Hi, do you ship here in ontario canada? How much is the shipping cost and how many weeks will it reach here?

  10. admin says:

    I am sorry I do not Ship to Canada at this time. I looked into it and there are just to many hoops to jump through. (so much for free trade) Some folks have had friends or relatives in the US near the Canadian Border they had it shipped to.

  11. jennifer says:

    I just ordered this product and am excited to ge started. My question is I currently take thyroid medication for Hoshimotos disease, I also take Zoloft for anxiety, and omeprozole for a reaction I have in my throat. Do I have to stop taking everything? I am worried due to the fact it has taken me 2 years to get my thyroid in normal ranges. Also, is powdered mineral make-up ok to use? Thank you!!

  12. admin says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I can’t give you any medical advice you will have to consult with your physician for that. However I would suggest not stopping any medication unless advised to do so by your doctor.

    Also your doctor might not have heard of this diet or will be sceptical. I do believe Dr Simeons also discusses medications in the book so you might want to review.

    As for the powdered Mineral make up I believe that has been fine for several women. Here is a post on it in the forums.

  13. jennifer says:

    Well I am on my 5th day and I am wonderng, is it normal to feel draggy tired and have a headache? And, when you put the drops under your tounge, how long do you keep them there before you actually swallow it? Sorry for my silly questions, but thank you!

  14. admin says:

    It is not uncommon, it can take up to 4 or 5 days to adjust. Everyone is different. I had headaches myself but my wife did not. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids, herbal teas can be very helpful they worked better for me then straight water even though I am not a big tea drinker. You should be feeling better soon.

    Hold the drops under the tongue for 2 minutes. There are no silly questions but the ones not asked 😉

  15. jennifer says:

    I have 2 days left of the drops. I have lost 13 pounds,although I am excited, I would like to lose more. Does the waiting 6 weeks start from when you are done with the drops or when you are done with the 3 week stabilization period. What is the “normal” amount of weight lost when on the drops?
    Thank you so much!!!

  16. admin says:

    Hi Jennifer

    It starts when you are done with the drops. Some folks have had success going back on the diet right after the 3 week stabilization period. I did this after my first round. I continued to loose weight but found it was a little slower then the first round. The body can adjust to almost anything given enough time so weight loss slows. Some folks have tried taking the drops only 6 days a week and skipping the drops one day a week on the second round to try minimize immunity. I have not tried that myself so don’t know personally. As I have said before everyone is different you know your own body best.

  17. Michelle says:

    How are the veggies to be measured? For example if I eat for lunch chicken then how much lettuce do I eat with it?
    Thank you!

  18. Michelle says:

    Since this is homeopathic I have read that you do not need to wait until after your menstruel cycle nor do you need to stop during it? Unlike the injections. True or not.

  19. admin says:

    I have found you can pretty much eat all the veggies you want.

  20. admin says:

    This is true to some extent. I still recommend you start right after your cycle ends because while you can take the drops during your cycle (unlike with shots) weight loss tends to stall during the cycle anyway.

    However if your cycle is still a ways out I would not wait to start till after then, go ahead and get started now.

    If you check out the forums there is some discussion on all of this and also an updated food menu.

  21. Arlene says:


    How do I go about ordering?


  22. admin says:

    Just click on the yellow “Buy Now” button on the right of the screen

  23. Cheryl Dees says:

    My friend has been trying to order the drops and every time we try her credit card is rejected, could you please help her out? Her email address is: Thank you kindly for helping her in this matter.

  24. admin says:

    You are the second to tell me they are having a problem. I am not sure what the problem is. I tried an order myself and it worked fine and I have received a couple orders also. I have redone the order button to make sure also. A few things to check is to make sure you have the correct expiration date for the card, also that the address you enter for the card is the same as as the billing address for the card, and the correct 3 digit number on the back of the card. If anyone continues to have a problem please email and let us know so we can get it resolved. You can also send me a check or money order if necassary email me for the address at

  25. Molly says:

    I saw on your earlier post you said eat all of the veggies you want.I thought we had to stick to a strict 500 calorie diet which included the veggies. Would you mind clarifying that for me. I would love to gorge myself on veggies! (Or anything for that matter)

    Also, my husband is not getting a good night’s sleep, is dragging and hungry. We are on day 12 of the HCG protocol. He is drinking plenty of water. He is so frustrated that he said, he could eat more calories and work out and still loose the same amount. HELP! Any suggestions?

  26. admin says:

    Hi Molly,

    Here is a new food guide I have tried and still lost weight with:

    Try spacing out the fruit and Melba toast or crisp bread between the protein and veggies. I also drink herb tea it seems to quash hunger better then straight water.

    If your husband is hungry he can try an extra veggie or fruit in the evening. You can eat all the veggies you want on the list in the guide above. Also if you think you’re hungry get busy doing something to take your mind off it. Sure your husband can exercise and loose weight however it won’t be permanent and will be essential fats you don’t want to loose. HCG unlocks the brown fat stores that are so hard to loose and if you do the stabilization period correctly resets the hypothalamus so you don’t gain the weight back . If he is that hungry he can probably eat 700 calories and still loose weight.

    For trouble sleeping try an herbal tea called “Sleepy Time” by celestial seasoning’s or “Tension Tamer”. Hope this helps

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