We at End The Fat are just regular people who stumbled upon an amazing permanent fat loss method that we tried with tremendous results and decided to share it with others. It really started by people simply asking us how we lost all the weight. We are not doctors or fitness gurus although I have been involved with sports and sports training on and off for quite sometime, therefore I have a lot of knowledge about fitness, nutrition, weight control, strength training, and mixed martial arts etc.

I have personally lost 50+ pounds and counting and am on my second round of the HCG protocol at this time. My beautiful wife has personally lost 30 pounds and is on maintenance before she starts her second round.

So that’s the purpose of this website; to help others share the same life changing results  we are experiencing and have  similar experiences and change their lives. Also to bring together a community of people who want to lose the weight and change their lives and share their experiences with others, lift each other up and support each other while on the journey.

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