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 Post subject: What about this HCG diet stuff?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:26 pm 
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Standard Disclaimer: Nothing written here should be construed to be medical advice or recommendations, this is all for information purposes only. You are solely responsible for what you do with this information. We are not Medical doctors or Medical practitioners or professionals nor do we claim to be such. We are simply relating ours and others experiences for information purposes only. If you desire Medical advice you should seek it from those who claim to be Medical professionals.

What can HCG do for me?

Answer: Dr. Simeons HCG protocol is a clinically proven healthy rapid weight loss method that can allow you to safely lose up to 2 pounds a day. HCG will allow you to lose unwanted fat in those hard to lose areas by allowing the body to burn fat stores that are usually hard or impossible to burn on other diets.

I can never seem to lose fat in certain places no matter how hard I exercise or diet. Can HCG solve that?

Answer: HCG re-sculpts the body to look more appealing by replacing essential fats that may have been depleted from other diets while burning unwanted fat. Like the skin for instance, people who have lost large amounts of weight on other diets or through surgery often have hanging skin. This is due to the normal fat the skin needs for elasticity being depleted. HCG helps replace that essential fat while continuing to burn unwanted fat, hence many people report the re-sculpting of the body going on that you hear about.

Yeah but won't I just gain the weight back once I am done?

Answer: No, the HCG protocol if done properly resets the hypothalamus gland so you do not gain the weight back when done dieting. There is a 3 week stabilization period after you finish the low calorie part of the diet. This must be done properly to reset the hypothalamus gland so you won't gain the weight back. In other words (IOW) the body has a new set point of what it should weigh.

What about the loose and hanging skin I have seen on people who have lost a lot of weight fast?

Answer: HCG Eliminates the hanging skin problem produced by other rapid weight loss methods. HCG does not burn essential fats other diets do, it burns the fat stores that are normally difficult or impossible to burn for many people. If you do the loading days properly, many report the re-sculpting of their bodies and even firming up and lifting etc. while on the diet.

I don't know if I have the will power to maintain the diet?

Answer: HCG helps eliminates the extreme hunger and weakness associated with other diets. Many notice a boost in energy. Some folks have experienced some hunger but it is usually psychological hunger and not physical. We personally have experienced that drinking enough fluids as Dr. Simeons calls for is very important while on the diet and helps with any feelings of hunger.

Won't I loose muscle on this?

Answer: HCG allows you to burn fat and retain muscle while maintaining a low calorie diet.

What about homeopathic HCG?

Answer: The good news is many folks including the owners of this website are reporting the same results using homeopathic HCG as those doing the clinical shots of HCG.

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