What About the homeopathic version of the HCG Diet?

The good news about the homeopathic version of the HCG diet is it works as well as the shots. Many folks myself included are reporting the same results with homeopathic HCG as others report with clinical shots of HCG.

HCG Diet Drops vs Shots?

There is nothing wrong with doing the shots however it is usually more expensive and harder to get, especially if you go the clinic and prescription route.  And lets face it most of us don’t like shots if we can avoid them even though they are done with a very small short needle for HCG. Also there is a concern of what you are getting. As far as I know most or all of the HCG you get over the internet even through Canada, or in a prescription from your doctor comes from India and some of it is questionable as to what you’re getting or it is expired. Others have reported receiving broken vials etc. when ordering over the internet.

Again I have nothing against the shots if that’s the route someone chooses. However my reasoning is why go through all that when the HCG Diet Drops works just as well and your not putting some unknown from India in your body and calling it HCG hormone. With homeopathic you just take about 10 – 15 drops under the tongue 3 times a day every 4 hours, it can’t get much more simple than that.

Do The HCG Diet Drops Really Work?

Some have had a concern that homeopathy is just a placebo and the only reason you lose weight is because you’re only eating 500 calories.  Let me just say as a life long herbalist and naturalist even I was sceptical of homeopathy myself.  However results are pesky little things that are hard to argue with and the HCG Diet gets results let me tell you!

If it were just a placebo you would be starving and weak within a one week so badly you would never be able to maintain the diet for any length of time. How does one account for the lack of hunger and boosted energy using the homeopathic HCG Diet just as if you were taking the shots?

Also you would be burning muscle and not fat as the body would go into starvation mode. However there is a simple way to check that with Keto sticks while dieting. I found it took about two weeks to register maximum fat burn (because the body is adjusting). So I knew I was burning fat and not muscle. Also continuing hard workouts and having the energy to do so is a good indication. Finally if you know how to measure your fat content you can check to see if it’s going down. I have gone from 29% body fat to 16 percent in 7 weeks of actual dieting. Many report the same body sculpting going on also. I use the calliper method for measuring fat percentage.

Science and HCG Diet Drops

Remember just because orthodox science cannot fully explain something does not mean there is nothing to it. That would assume science is complete and knows all things. Science once believed the world was flat using observable evidence as in the world looks flat from our view. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water as the saying goes. The HCG Diet drops work and they work well. if you want to know more about how homeopathy works read my article on the article menu titled The Quantum Physics of Homeopathy

You can jump over to the order cart on the left hand side and order your HCG Diet drops any time your ready and get started ending that fat by getting on the HCG Diet today. —->

Now days the HCG diet props are popular and you can get them many different places. However quality becomes an issue. I have bought homeopathic remedies from Wal-mart that did not work. So make sure they are made in a reputable lab with a true sense of homeopathy.

Having said all that I will let the results speak for themselves…

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  1. H. Harper says:

    I like the information keep it up, it saves me trying to explain to people about this wonderful serum. thanks for the website to order also.

    more to come later, Ill let you know about my sucess

  2. admin says:

    Thank you! I look forward to hearing about your success! Be sure and register at the forums (Support Forums link on the right)so we can follow your progress and support one another.

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