The Quantum Physics of Homeopathy And the HCG Diet

Quantum physics tells us that every thing is a vibration and everything is energy. If we look at our arm it appears solid to us however it is anything but solid. It is mostly space between atoms consisting of, neutrons and protons, with electrons whirling around the nucleus. So everything is in motion, everything is headed somewhere.

All matter is built like this hence everything is a vibration or frequency and in motion. In today’s world we communicate instantaneously around the world with satellite and cell phone technology and radio communication has been with us for nearly a century now. Even land line phones and the telegraph communicated by putting an electrical charge on a wire and vibrating at different frequencies.

If everything is a vibration then it is all a form of communication. So when we put anything into our bodies like on the HCG Diet we are communicating that substances vibration to the body telling it what we want it to do whether we know it or not. Even the food we eat is communicating to the body to do something. And as we know different substances communicate different things. The vitamins, supplements, drugs, and homeopathies like the HCG diet we take are more specific communications to the body.

The HCG Diet Tells The body To Release Fat.

This is the essence of homeopathies also. It is another refined form of communication with the body. The dilution process is designed to retain the frequency or vibration of the original substances so we need not ingest the whole original substance but send the same communication/vibration of the original substance to the body without risk of side effects that might occur otherwise if we ingest the whole substance.

Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops and Scepticism

This is why homeopathies like the HCG diet work despite the scepticism. Results are very hard to argue with! If you have tried our HCG Diet you know homeopathies work and they work well. It is not a matter of belief it is a matter of quantum physics and results!

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  1. […] Remember just because orthodox science cannot fully explain something does not mean there is nothing to it. That would assume science is complete and knows all things. Science once believed the world was flat using observable evidence as in the world looks flat from our view. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water as the saying goes. The HCG Diet drops work and they work well. if you want to know more about how homeopathy works read my article on the article menu titled The Quantum Physics of Homeopathy […]

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